02 March 2013

Deal Breakers

As i re-enter the world of dating (eek! Seriously i have to do that again???) i have started having conversations like following exchange that transpired with a co-worker:

Co-worker: So.......would you ever consider going a date with a black guy...that's still in school...that's also in the military...and has no car?
Me: On a scale of 1-10....how hot is he?

Obviously, when it comes to serious dating i really am looking for someone with more than good looks. In fact this conversation prompted me to make a list of deal-breakers. If a guy meets even one of the descriptions on this list, they are automatically disqualified. Here goes :)

  • He wears a backwards baseball cap
  • He has/had/considers having a mustache
  • He uses the word "yo"...and he's not just messing around
  • He tucks his wranglers into his boots
  • He drives a truck with a monster sticker on it
  • He pulls up to my house and honks
  • He has a baby momma
  • His goal in life is "to be the best drummer i can possibly be"
  • He thinks that Little Caesar's pizza is it's own food group
  • He uses the words "sexy" and "tractor" in the same sentence
  • He lives with his parents
  • The phrase "Baby got back" came out of his mouth
  • He has a name like Rykker, Hummer, Traylyn or Moroni
  • He asks me out via text message
  • He owns a pair of candy colored skinny jeans
  • He spends his weekends playing Halo
  • When i am talking about Charles Dickens he says "Who?"
  • He asks "Do you know how many calories are in that hamburger??"
  • His favorite movie is "Anchorman"
  • He spends more time in the tanning bed than Lindsey Lohan 
  • He thinks flushing twice constitutes cleaning the toilet
  • He thinks "guestimate" "ginormous" are real words
  • He puts a hashtag in front of anything
  • His favorite band is LMFAO
  • His favorite topic of conversation is his gun collection
  • He drives a rice rocket
  • He doesn't know what he is going to do "when he grows up"
  • He knows what he wants to do when he grows up, but he hasn't started yet (the growing up OR the working toward what he wants to do)
  • He has a last name like "Dungworth" or "Fagg" or "Hiscock"
  • He says "I received a revelation about our relationship..."
  • He has an STD
Any more I should add to this list?
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