19 November 2012

You know what this means?

That's right! i moved...again.

I sent my stuff ahead of me on a truck and my mom came and helped me drive my little car to our destination. (It's somewhat depressing when your whole life fits in 5.5 feet and a mini coooper).

Here are some stats from our trip:

States: 7
Miles: 1,441
Hours: 25
Bathroom Breaks: 8 (plus one stay in a hotel overnight)
Puking birds: 2 (they actually did WAY better then when i moved to Texas)
High Wind warnings: 2
Heavy Rains: 1
Live Deer spotted: 5
Roadkill spotted:
*Dead deer: 21
*Armadillos: 8
*Skunks: 5
*Raccoons: 4
*Other critters (including porcupines, cats, foxes and other unidentifiable squished things): 15

Where i ended up is seriously the last place on Earth i ever thought i would be.

Rexburg, Idaho.

i know. i don't know what i was thinking either. My old boss called me and told me that he wanted me back. He made me an offer i couldn't refuse. And besides, i think it's part of me...southeastern Idaho. After all its been my home for about 9 years now.

It's hard to be here, of course, in our old stomping grounds and right in the exes backyard. There are so many triggers that i walk around constantly feeling like i am going to vomit. And i have had to make some really hard decisions about contact (or the lack there of) since i've been here too. But it's my time now. Time to heal. Time to focus on me. Time to stop surviving and start living again. Time to really start over and make some new memories to flush out the old ones.

My coworkers and friends have been amazing. Even though i have no family here, i have yet to spend an entire evening alone because someone pops by or invites me to hang out. i have more invitations to Thanksgiving dinner than i ever imagined i would receive (some from people i have barely met who just don't want me to be alone). i've painted everything in my living room and dining room (yellow, sage green and plum) and i am working on decorating the most airy, light and feminine bedroom you've ever seen. :)

Wish me luck on my new adventure. Someday i will be strong again. It starts here....
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