17 September 2011

Fortunately, Unfortunately

When i was younger, Erika and i had this tape we always checked out of the library with silly songs, ridiculous stories and goofy jokes. One of the stories/jokes on this tape has been repeating itself in my brain lately. As well as i can remember, it goes something like this:

A man fell from a plane.
Fortunately, he was wearing a parachute.
Unfortunately, the parachute didn't open.
Fortunately, he fell from the plane over a large haystack.
Unfortunately, there was a pitchfork in the haystack.
Fortunately, he missed the pitchfork.
Unfortunately, he missed the haystack.

Why has this been on my mind? For the following reason:

i moved to Pocatello.
Fortunately, i already had a job.
Unfortunately, it was a 3 hour commute.
Fortunately, i worked for a shuttle company.
Unfortunately, the shuttle i rode to work was canceled.
Fortunately, i was given a company vehicle.
Unfortunately, this vehicle is a Mini Van.

Yes, you read that correctly. I now drive a bloody mini-van to work ::sigh:: (Fortunately, i can still drive my Mini Cooper on the weekends).

Another example?

I got a calling.
Fortunately, it is in Young Women's
Unfortunately, it is the Young Women's PRESIDENT.
Fortunately, it is not Primary.
Unfortunately, i can only have one counselor.
Fortunately, my counselor is amazing.
Unfortunately, she is still over scouts as well.

Yup...no 2nd counselor. No secretary. No advisors. Me+Elizabeth=the whole Young Women's leadership...camp, Sundays, meetings, lessons, mutual, budget...everything.

However, in the midst of all this seeming negativity i have to stop and count my blessings. The truth is that people all around me at the moment are going through some very trying times. REALLY hard things. Divorce, brain surgeries, breast cancer, tumors, sick loved ones, struggling with finances...so many trials in the small bubble of people surrounding me. In comparison, a difficult calling and a mini-van don't seem so bad...especially since both really are blessings in their own way. So, i have included pictures of the "fortunatelys" in my life...more things that make me happy.

I love reading Harry Potter to Jacob, especially when we are driving.

It's even more amazing when i find a TYPO in Harry Potter.

How incredible to have a gorgeous arrangement of roses and lilies delivered to work.

...and sometimes a $5 bouquet bought from a market is just as good!

We never manage to behave properly...even when we are all dressed up for tea.

Best street name ever!

i love watching Jacob fish.

It's even better when i have a gorgeous sunset to watch as well and a good book to keep me company.

How fun to get all dolled up and go out on a weekend.

But tonight...even better to stay in with oreos and a book to read together.

Hope you have a fortunate weekend!
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