02 September 2015

Being 30 is like being 29...but older

Last week i left my twenties behind me.

A few months ago, i imagined a huge birthday bash with massive amounts of my friends. But as it grew closer, i realized that what i really loved (and wanted) was to share it with just those few people in Rexburg that are always there for me...and to spoil myself doing the things that i love the most.

So, of course, i started the day with a run. Mr B joined me and we watched the sun rise as we ran through the rolling farmland just east of town. On our way back to town, he stopped to pick me a birthday bouquet of wildflowers.

Instead of rushing into the office, i took the time to soak in the bubble bath and whittle away on the stack of books i'm currently reading. It was a relaxing morning.

Per their usual, my employees had gone all out for my birthday. My office was calf-high in balloons, there were streamers every which way, and the desk was covered in ribbons and cards. Not only that, but they had organized a potluck lunch with delicious food and a decadent chocolate fudge and strawberry cake.

i received so many texts and calls from my friends and family who live far away. Even my nephew (who is *almost* here) sent well wishes! This snapchat makes me ridiculously happy:

{i think she is the cutest pregnant lady ever}

After work i curled up on my floor in the patch of sun shining through my sliding door and read and napped until dinner time. Then it was time to head to Mr B's. And i was greeted with this view on the grill:

He is the grillmaster
We put on my Spotify "Happy" playlist and worked together to prepare some delicious peach-kissed burgers to go along with the jalapeno poppers, corn on the cob and pineapple that were already on the grill.

A few more of our closest friends came to enjoy dinner, games and the delicious cake that Mr B prepared.

Nice candle placement :)

After cake, i opened a stack of cards from my family and Mr B's family and giggled my way through a book that my girlfriend picked up for me when she was in England last month.

The night ended curled up on the couch next to Mr B, reveling in the day, making hiking plans for the weekend, laughing and enjoying one another's company.

A friend asked me how i felt about turning 30. After much thought i realized that i am in better shape physically, emotionally, and spiritually than i ever have been. If that's how i'm starting my third decade of life, then i say...

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