17 August 2015

Cascade Corner

A couple of weekends ago, Mr B and i went on an adventure.

We spent three days and two nights backpacking across back-country Yellowstone National Park. We traveled 50 miles in the cascade corner, 28 of them with 30 pound packs and about 6 of them off trail.

The entire experience was unbelievable. i know that there is no way i could possibly describe the weekend. How could words capture watching the blue dragonfly that hitched a ride on Mr B's hat for a mile? Or feeling a spiderweb break across my face or arms every 10 yards the entire time we were off trail hunting down hourglass falls. Or hearing the thundering of the water getting louder as we approached yet another waterfall. Or running a couple of miles down the trail (in hiking boots even) because walking would have been too slow and we had so much to see.

Then there was soaking in a natural hot spring watching the sunset and the stars come out. Or falling asleep to the sound of a waterfall, knowing that the closest campers are miles away. Or crossing a steaming valley in the middle of back country Yellowstone at 10:30 at night, dodging dozens of huge frogs on the trail, lit by the full (blue!) moon.

And we saw 26 waterfalls. TWENTY-SIX!

There were so many times that i looked around and thought "This is not real! This place is too beautiful. It must be fake!"

Here is a picture explosion of some of our trip.

Hanging our bags from bear pole

This is how we look after a 20+ mile hiking day

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