02 February 2015

Life Savers

Linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy to share the things that are saving my life right now in the middle of the dreary winter months.

1- My new blanket. Not one day has passed since i received this blanket that i haven't snuggled in it at least once. Some nights it has even come to bed with me. It's so soft and fluffy!

2- Meal exchanges i have three single girl friends who invited me to join them in meal rotations. At the beginning of the week, we all make one meal, then we get together and exchange a serving of our meal. In other words, i cook once at the beginning of the week and then (instead of eating the same leftovers for the rest of the week) i have four homemade and different delicious meals. i have eaten infinitely less fast food since doing this!

3- Being able to run indoors When the snow comes down and the sidewalks turn to ice, and the wind blows to the point of insanely cold...

...i am grateful for an indoor track that enables me to keep my miles up and still receive a shot of feel good running endorphins.

4- Being able to run outdoors Once in awhile the weather has cooperated enough to let me pound the pavement outside. It's still usually close to obscenely cold (my 21 miler on Saturday peeked at 24 degrees) but it reminds me why i love to run and i get to enjoy the beauty of the winter around me.

Plus, i will take any break from laps.

5- Books i read 11 books in January and finished my 12th yesterday. (Find me on goodreads to see what i'm reading).

6- This post-it reminder stuck to my work computer screen:

7- My indoor plants In my office i have a dracena, sansevieria, three poinsettias, a succulent garden, two aloe vera, a donkey tail, an unidentified vine (i don't know how to figure out what it is) a philodendron and a homalomena.

At home i have a diffenbachia, philodendron, two spider plants, two pothos, an aloe vera, a monstera deliciousa and another unidentified vine. Want to be my best friend? Propagate a new plant for me :)

8- Planning my trip overseas i leave in 9 days and will be gone for 2 weeks!!

9- My newly organized bookshelves 

10- Pictures of my niece

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