02 May 2014

Carnage and Barbie Bandaids

A few weeks ago i bought a package of Barbie Band-aids. Happiness! Little did i know the trauma that i would go through because of my impractical purchase.

i thought i was still an adult even with these band-aids

Two days ago, i almost sliced my finger off washing a knife. It was a bad cut. My father had given me some very expensive (and very sharp) knives for Christmas. The cleaver slid right through my index finger with no problem at all. i didn't even realize i was cut until my sink started filling with blood.

i bled all over my kitchen. 

And then i passed out.

Then i panicked because all i had were the damn Barbie Band-aids.

Luckily, after about five minutes, i got a hold of myself enough to run to my darling downstairs neighbor. She saved my life. Or at least my finger.

Grown-up bandages
It probably would have been better to just have headed down to her in the first place instead of running in circles dripping blood and hyperventilating.

Sweet Mercy.

Barbie had me fooled! All this time i thought she was a nurse and really she was just dressing up as one.

....i hope this doesn't mean that i have to get rid of my Minion band-aids and the My Little Pony band-aids too.

"Bottom" teehee hee hee


(Shout out to Laural for the title)
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