10 February 2014

Time for Happiness

This weekend i found myself pausing often to revel in the moment. Maybe i was feeling extra joyful deep within and therefore noticed the happy things around me. i think the things around me just made me even happier. It helped that i had my little brother, Ian, and my guy visiting for the weekend. Here were my "mini-highs" from the last few days.

* Cookie dough ice cream.

* Getting home from on work on Saturday to find that my guy had cleaned my apartment for me.

*Surviving cold weather.
-15 is bad enough but with that windchill! Brrr!

*Having Ian say "Your bedroom is super girly!" Exactly what i was going for!

*Shaving with a new razor blade.

*The boys cooked and cleaned up dinner.

...and it was delicious

*Sitting in church between the two guys.

*Listening to music that i love but haven't heard in ages.

*Sunday afternoon the sun was pouring through the sliding door. Ian was sprawled on the floor playing soft music on his computer and mumbling Russian under his breath as he worked on a homework assignment. The guy was curled up asleep on the couch with the birds jumping all over him and singing. i sat with a book in my lap but didn't even open it and begin reading because i just wanted to soak in the peaceful moment.

Sleeping through the whistles

*i convinced one of my employees to begin running so that she can be on my Ragnar team! She ran the first three of my 12 miler with me.

*Cosmic Bowling and mass goofiness.

Funky cosmic bowling lighting

*Finishing a novel that was all page turning nonsense.

*Happy Snaps.

PS: i like him too!

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