11 November 2011

Veteran's Day

Meet my hero
CDT Olson

The rules he lives by: "Honor the gods, love thy woman, defend thy country."

(At Basic Training Graduation 2005)

Because of him, i tear up every time i hear the national anthem.

(After 2nd tour 2010)

His dedication to country has defined my life.

(Taken after our wedding 2008)

i have never come across such brave and selfless men and women as my husband and those he serves with.

(On deployment in Kuwait)

i am proud of him for his previous service.

(Before 1st tour 2006)

i am proud of him for his current contract with the ROTC.

(Military Ball 2010)

i know that he will continue to make me proud as he continues his career with the military.

(ROTC Ball 2011)

To Jacob, and all veterans, i love you. i honor you.
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