08 May 2011

Should've written about this myself

My boss sent me this link. He said "It's like it was written by you." i feel conflicted about this. First, i am BEYOND flattered that he felt i could have written something like this. Second, i am so upset that i haven't and have to link to someone else's blog.

Reguardless, everything that this girl says, i whole-heartedly agree with. When Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name?" he obviously hadn't heard the atrocities that parents are naming their children these days.

Rexburg Baby Names

Enjoy her post. And i highly encourage you to read back to the posts she has about names from previous years. And if any of my followers name their future posterity from this list, i may have to block you from my blog.

P.S. As it is Mother's Day, i feel that i should take a moment to acknowledge mine:
Dear Mother,
Thank you for not only naming me "Jennifer" but for spelling it correctly. Heaven forbid i should be "Ginnyphyr" or something likewise ridiculous.
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