08 February 2011


i just had to go through a series of very hard "goodbyes." I hate how people that have become so important to me sometimes move out of my life so quickly. In the spirit of my melancholy mood, here is a list of other things i hate:

*that blast of cold water that always comes shooting out when i first turn on the shower.
*feeling envious.
*having chipped toenail polish and no time to change it.
*cliches that are unfortunately accurate. For example: When it rains it pours; What goes around comes around; Champagne tastes and a beer budget.
*reading about other people's "perfect lives" on their blogs.
*the smell of sour towels.
*being so worried about getting to sleep that i can't sleep at all.
*holes in the heels of my socks.
*trying to find the right shade of foundation.
*how much i relate to the word "bittersweet" at the moment.

Goodnight. Hopefully the cliche "after the rain comes the rainbow" becomes applicable in the next few days.
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