31 December 2010


i used to set New Year's resolutions in the past, but the last few years i haven't. i realized that it was always a disappointment when i didn't hold to them and i ended up even more discouraged. But this year is going to be different. i am resolved...and besides, i've set up resolutions that i am SURE i will be able to keep.

In 2011 jo will:

1-Spend many hours a week lost in literature
2-Eat at least one piece of chocolate a day
3-Stress about a clean house
4-Get a good dose of whining in once a day
5-Memorize everything on the Taco Bell menu
6-Procrastinate just a little more
7-Have a nervous breakdown once a month
8-Double the amount of shoes in my closet

Hey, when your expectations are not met, then you've probably set them too high :)

On a more serious note, i am quite determined to be a little more grateful this year. After all, i live a relatively charmed life. Happy New Year!
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