02 November 2010

The Autumn Leaves Drift By My Window

Remember when i said i loved Halloween? Part of the reason is because Halloween comes in the fall. And i love Autumn. Crisp mornings. Gold and red leaves (and, oh! to crunch them under foot!) Pumpkins in the windows. Sweaters, hats and scarves come out (but don't have to hide under a heavy coat yet). Most of all, i love fall food. It's warm, comforting, flavorful and brightly colored. This fall i did more cooking than last year. Maybe because i have a husband to cook for this season. i baked zucchini bread, made squash soup, shared apple and yam bake with my co-workers...and then there have been the apple pies.

One of my friends had a small orchard overflowing with apples. Jacob, my sister Stephanie, her husband, and i went and picked a huge laundry basket full of apples. I've made quite a few pies from those apples already. Today i will have my first attempt at canning and can the rest of the apples as pie filling for later. When we were apple-picking, we couldn't resist capturing some of the colors in photos. Happy Autumn! I hope you enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of the season!

Photos by Stephanie Patterson
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